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Frequently asked questions

 How can phishing simulation testing help improve our employees' awareness and response ?

 Phishing simulation testing enhances employees' awareness and response to phishing attacks through realistic training scenarios, improving their ability to recognize and avoid such threats. It boosts vigilance, knowledge, and overall cybersecurity readiness.

How realistic are the phishing simulations by the platform?

Out phishing simulations strive to be highly realistic, closely resembling actual phishing attacks to provide employees with an authentic learning experience.

Are there templates in my language?

We are constantly adding new templates and languages, rest assured if there isn't one for your language at the moment, we will create one for you.

 Do you offer trials?

We unfortunately do not offer trials of the service, but please do reach out to us for a demo or a monthly billing plan.   

How often should phishing simulations be conducted? 

Phishing simulation testing should be conducted at least quarterly to reinforce security awareness and maintain employee vigilance. Additional surprise tests throughout the year can further enhance the effectiveness of the program.

Why wouldn't I just sign up for a yearly subscription instead of a one time?

Many organizations are burdened with management of security products and would just like to pinpoint their security awareness in a point in time rather than an on-going basis; other times this may be a compliance requirement to do so yearly.